Wanted: Beauty Professionals with the Urge to Travel

Monday, July 08, 2019
woman on yacht looking at water

Are you one of those wandering souls who can’t imagine staying in one place all the time? Like, you are, literally, always planning your next trip to somewhere, or more accurately – anywhere? If that sounds familiar, you probably agree with the expression “Not all who wander are lost.” But sometimes earning a living can get in the way of indulging that urge to travel.

Well, it doesn’t have to! A career in the beauty industry can have you getting paid to roam the earth, while you help people look and feel great while they do the same. So, put on your wandering shoes folks! And check out beauty careers that travel and the awesome places they can take you.

Hair, hair everywhere

It’s safe to say that hair stylists will never run out of heads that need their help. That’s why cosmetologists have a ton of options for where to put their skills to work. Whether it’s a cruise ship sailing into ports all over the globe, a posh resort in the Caribbean, or an awards show in Hollywood; a career creating signature hairstyles can take you anywhere!

Caring for the skin you’re in

Ok, everyone has skin too. And what better time to indulge yourself in a relaxing facial or skin treatment, than on vacation? You’ll find estheticians and skincare specialists working at hotels, resorts, cruise lines and more all over the world!

Rubbing people, the right way

Massage therapists have the power to heal and help people right at their fingertips. Literally. But their skills can also take them on the road. Traveling with a sports team, working on a cruise ship, working with entertainers or stunt men filming on location – the possibilities are endless!

Putting your best face forward

Makeup artists are so much more than people who slap on lipstick and eyeliner. The word artist says it all and skilled makeup artists can find themselves working in so many different environments. One day you could be traveling to take care of an entire wedding party, and the next, flying to LA doing makeup on the set of the next Zombie movie.

Nailed it

Nail technicians have the ultimate hands-on job no matter where they work. But you can be sure you’ll find them pretty much everywhere people travel. Just like hair and skincare, people want beautiful nails and are more likely to indulge while cruising the open seas or traveling on vacation. But don’t forget the folks who need to be red-carpet ready. A talented nail technician can find plenty of work anywhere people want to look their best. Which is just about everywhere!

It’s been said that we travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us. And there’s something wonderful about putting your wanderlust to work for you. So, get out there and explore your options for a career that makes that happen! You can start by checking out the programs at Boca Beauty Academy. Boca offers a variety of degree and certificate programs including - Cosmetology, Makeup and Skincare, Massage Therapist, Nail Technician and the Full Specialist program, which combines aspects of both skincare and nails. It’s a great time to work in beauty so contact us today to learn more or to schedule a tour of one of our two campus locations.