Eyelash Extensions

Enroll: Day, Evening & Saturday Classes Available

Plus! Elective Seminars for Eyebrows Microblading and Tattoo Removal are Available

Classes begin monthly for newly enrolled students.

Alternative funding options are available for this eyelash extensions seminar.

Eyelash Extensions - 2 days Seminar - kit included - certificate received upon completion

This class is designed to further your previous knowledge in the industry and to enhance your marketability. The eyelash extensions seminar allows you to fully explore your creative and technical skills. As a beauty professional, clients will depend on your guidance as you perform eyelash extensions treatments to enhance their features. By tutoring students to master the eyelash extensions application treatment, they can learn to enhance client's facial features in a way that achieves a desirable, modern and multi-generational outcome.

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This eyelash extensions training allows you to receive individualized, attentive instruction from a seasoned educator. You will learn and practice techniques in:

Eye Anatomy and Eye Shapes

Extension types: curls, lengths, diameters

Eyelash isolation and separation

Applying, correcting and removing extensions

Taping and fill techniques

Sanitation and safety, consultation, contraindications, after care, inventory and pricing.

At Boca Beauty Academy, you’ll practice your eyelash extensions techniques on live models.

To learn more about our eyelash extensions courses, contact us today. This program is only available at our Boca Raton campus.


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What is the class schedule?
We maintain flexible scheduling for our program. We offer daytime, evening, and weekend classes which are available on a full-time or part-time basis.